Rental properties

Below is a basic summary of Rental Information your Accountant will need to complete your Tax Accounts, some items may be relevant others may not be, may even need some more info.

Rental Property Check list

Info on property


Purchase Price

Date purchased



List of Chattels

Does it have a separate garage

Is it furnished

How long has it been rented

Is it still being rented

Value of Mortgage when purchased & who with

Value of Mortgage as at 31st March, end of financial year

Interest rate

Do you know how much interest was paid for the tax year

Have you spent money on the property during the year for maintenance

If so, please list


Insurances paid

Rates paid

How many kms have you done for the year travelling to the property

Do you pay towards Phone or power for the property.

Any other costs you may you have, please list

Are there any outstanding Earthquake costs to settle

Personal Information

Name (full name, include middle if you have one)


IRD number

D O Birth

Phone numbers


Have you filed Tax returns for the property before.

Did you receive any Interest or Dividends during the year

Did you receive any other Income to be declared


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